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                通知公告 學院首頁 > 通知公告 > 正文
                學術講座——Publish or Perish: Towards Efficient Publishing Research Results

                作者:   時間:2022-05-27   點擊數:


                l報告人Witold Pedrycz

                Life Fellow of IEEE, 加拿大阿爾伯塔大◤學 教授

                Editor-in-Chief of Information Sciences (Elsevier), WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (Wiley), and the International Journal of Granular Computing (Springer)

                l報告主題Publish or Perish: Towards Efficient Publishing Research Results


                l時間2022年5月30日 (周一) 上午9:00-10:30

                lZoom Meeting:

                Zoom ID:963 5845 5649

                (您可以在網頁端輸入■以上鏈接或在Zoom Meeting客戶端〗輸入會議 ID 與密碼加入會◆議,請註意進入會議】時關閉█視頻與麥克風以免≡影響演講互動環節,大家可以直接連線或發文字㊣消息交流)

                l報告人簡介:Witold Pedrycz (Life Fellow, IEEE) received the M.Sc., Ph.D., and D.Sci. degrees from the Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland. He is currently a Professor and a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Computational Intelligence with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada. He is also with the Polish Academy of Sciences, Systems Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland. He has published numerous articles in these areas. He is also the author of 15 research monographs. His research interests include computational intelligence, fuzzy modeling, knowledge discovery, data mining, and fuzzy control, including fuzzy controllers, pattern recognition, knowledge-based neural networks, granular and relational computing, and software engineering. He has been a member of numerous program committees of IEEE conferences in the area of fuzzy sets and neurocomputing. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of Information Sciences (Elsevier), WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (Wiley), and the International Journal of Granular Computing (Springer). He served as the Editor-in-Chief for the IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics—Part A and the President of IFSA.

                報告摘要:With the rapid progress of research pursuits and continuing pressure to disseminate high caliber research results, it becomes of paramount relevance to adhere to the best practices to achieve success in publishing in highly renowned journals. The aim of this talk is to provide the audience with some hands-on-experience on writing high quality manuscripts and include some guidance as to the process of submission and revision. We discuss the key phases of the overall process from submission to publishing and include essential steps starting from a thorough preparation of the material, constructing the paper, presenting key arguments, stressing originality and motivation, carrying out solid comparative studies, organizing references, and handling revision. The talk includes a series of do and not-to-do lists that can help the listener appreciate the key aspects that have to be carefully considered when submitting a manuscript. The talk also covers important issues of ethics and plagiarism, in particular. A problem with predatory journals is also flagged. 

                ?2019控制科學與工程 學院 山東大學千佛马新福山校區
                山東省制造极效灵魂石濟南市經十路17923號 郵編250061